Housing disrepair claims made simple

Housing disrepair claims don’t have to be difficult.  As a tenant in a rented home, you have rights.  They boil down to this:  If you are in a rented property that’s in disrepair, your landlord is required by law to ensure your home is free from defects.  If you have already approached your landlord to resolve a repair issue and it’s been unaddressed, we can help.

Housing disrepair claims

It doesn’t make any difference if you are leasing from a private landlord, the local council or a social landlord.  Whoever you rent from, your rights are the same. The housing disrepair claims process is there to help anyone who hasn’t been able to get home repair issues sorted via the usual means of approaching your landlord.

So, if you have notified your landlord of a disrepair to your property and they have ignored the request. Or if they have failed to carry out repairs, then you can get help.  You can make a claim to allow you to get your issues resolved and to compensate you for the burden you’ve endured.

Home repair issues you may suffer from

The list is long and varied, but here re just a few problems that your property may suffer with.  If your landlord isn’t resolving the issues, please get in touch.

Damp and Mould
Electrical Hazards
Domestic Hygiene, pests/vermin or insect infestation
Structural collapse / falling elements
Sanitation and drainage
Damaged windows
No heating or lack of heating
Faulty boiler
Roof leaks or other leaks in the property.
Slip / trip hazards
Damaged doors

How to get help

At Marley Solicitors we specialise in housing disrepair claims.  We also act on a No Win No Fee basis. We have been established for 20 years also working in many different areas of law. We’re known locally in Bamber Bridge, Preston and surrounding areas as specialists in the field.  We regularly work on getting justice for those suffering from housing disrepair issues.  Please get in touch if you think we might be able to help you.