Accidents abroad can be particularly traumatic, challenging and expensive.  We know how inconvenient it is getting injured whilst on holiday, this is why here at Marley Solicitors we will try to get you compensation so that even though your holiday may have been ruined as a result of an injury you will still be recompensed.

If your accident occurred through a package holiday deal then your claim will be against the Travel Company back in the UK or even the tour operator, but if the accident occurred because of an activity or at a venue that wasn’t part of your package holiday then the claim would have to be pursued directly against the hotel or venue where the accident occurred. 

All cases will be different because of the country where your accident occurred, all countries have different laws and regulations.

If you have been injured in an accident abroad and it was not your fault you may be able to claim compensation. We can advise you further on a free consultation. We act on a ‘no win no fee’ so there is nothing to pay upfront.

What is this limitation on these claims?

As these claims fall into the personal injury category they have a time limit of 3 years from the date of your accident, but this could be different if the claim you are making is abroad because that country might have different limitation time frames.


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