If you believe you have suffered as a result of medical negligence because your doctor or surgeon misjudged your diagnosis or they were incompetent. It is important you get in touch with a professional, here at Marley solicitors we can help prove your case. Please be aware that we operate on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

We deal with clinical and medical negligence with the NHS and private medical claims of all kinds, including the following:

Medical misdiagnosis – when your GP or another medical professional makes a mistake or fails to take proper care in their dealings with you. For example, if they misinterpret test results, don’t examine you properly or diagnose the wrong condition.

Brain injury – when you suffer damage to your brain because of a lack of proper medical care, for example if a doctor fails to diagnose strokes or haemorrhages or if mistakes are made during surgery.

Amputation – when medical errors lead to amputation.

Accident and emergency (A&E) – when the standard of care provided in A&E falls short and results in additional injuries or illnesses, for example if mistakes are made in taking your medical history or test results are misinterpreted

Birth injury – when a mother or baby is injured during childbirth because of mistakes made by medical staff. In the case of mothers, examples include anaesthetic errors, wrongly performed episiotomies and injuries to organs from Caesarean sections. Injuries to babies can include cerebral palsy, hip dysplasia and brain injuries.

Nerve injury – when you suffer damage to nerves as a result of medical mistakes, for example because of errors made during surgery or when administering syringes or injections

Cosmetic surgery – when unsatisfactory treatment or mistakes lead to injuries or scarring in surgeries such as facelifts, breast enlargements or reductions, nose reshaping, laser skin resurfacing or cosmetic dentistry

Anaesthetics – when you suffer pain or injury because of the negligence of an anaesthetist, for example if you find yourself awake during surgery, anaesthetics are mistakenly injected into your nerves or spine, or you experience brain damage or strokes because your blood pressure wasn’t regulated properly during an operation

Dental negligence – when negligent treatment by a dentist causes pain or injury, for example incorrectly fitted dental implants or failure to manage gum disease (periodontitis)

Spinal injury – when medical errors lead to damage to the spinal cord, causing loss of feeling and paralysis, for example missed fractures of the back and neck, surgical mistakes or errors handling patients with back or neck injuries

Cancer – when you suffer as a result of a delayed or incorrect diagnosis of cancer

Orthopaedic – when you suffer injuries to bones, ligaments or joints because of missed fractures or mistakes during surgery

Medication errors – when you receive unsuitable medication because of prescription or dispensing errors, for example you’re given the wrong dose of a medicine or the wrong medicine

Care home – when the care which was given to vulnerable and elderly people is unacceptably poor, resulting in problems such as medication errors, pressure sores and ulcers or injuries caused by falls or handling errors

Fatal medical negligence – when medical negligence results in death, for example because of missed or delayed diagnosis or surgical error

Regardless of the type of claim you wish to bring to our firm, you can rely on us to provide fantastic service and to focus not only on helping you to secure medical negligence compensation but also on enabling you to access any rehabilitation support you need in order to get back to health.


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