Why using a local Solicitor is important

We all hear large, national or larger law firms advertising on the TV or radio.  So when you are looking for solicitors in Bamber Bridge or where you live it can often mean a big firm springs to mind.  But is that always for the best?

Sometimes, perhaps.  Of course it’s important to find a solicitor who covers the areas of law you are looking for.  But for those who want a more personal touch, or with a specific problem which requires more a comprehensive understanding and customised approach, engaging the help of a solicitor who is local can make all the difference.  Here are five reasons why choosing a local legal professional is the best option for you.

1. Meeting face to face

In today’s world, doing business can often become much more impersonal.  The convenience that comes with communicating via emails, apps and messages is all too often at the loss of speaking to someone. That’s fine if that’s what you prefer, but we know people quite often prefer to build relationships with their solicitor.

By choosing a local solicitor, you can easily meet with them, face to face when needed, and form a personal connection.  What we often hear with large multi-national firms, it is unlikely you’ll get this same experience, sometimes not seeing or speaking to the same person twice.

Also bear in mind that with firms like ours, it’s also possible for us to arrange home visits for those times or circumstances when you can’t get into branch – not usually the case with larger national firms

2.  Easier to get to

Using local solicitors in Bamber Bridge means you have ease of access.  It will give you peace of mind in knowing that you can drop in to branch with any concerns, and not have to spend hours in traffic or on public transport for an appointment.

When you need to sign paperwork, having someone on hand and close by is a much more sensible option and will make for a much easier process for you. 

3. Communication is much easier

Having your lawyer close by can make communicating so much easier. Smaller, local law firms typically have fewer clients and generally have a more personal approach.  This increases your chance of dealing with just one solicitor and not a whole team of lawyers.  Usually all communications are generally direct with them and not through an extended team.

4. Vale for money

Typically, local solicitors can offer more value for their services than a lot of larger, national firms with large marketing budgets and big overheads can. Local lawyers are more likely to concentrate their resources on serving their clients, meaning fees are more competitive. The right advice and service at the right price can make a big difference to the outcome and ultimately, your life.

5.  A personal touch

Many large firms will engage a number of people on your case.  For you, this can be overwhelming when dealing with different people all the time. A local solicitor will usually have a smaller, closer team and deal with your case personally from start to finish.  So they will become familiar to you and with the details of your case.

If you are looking for solicitors in Bamber Bridge, it’s usually because you have an important matter to be dealt with.  Having a solicitor close by who you can get to know and trust, can make a difficult time a little less stressful. Check out our social profiles and what others say about us, and we hope we will be able to help you soon.