Need a home visit solicitor?

Did you know that if, for whatever reason, you are unable to visit a solicitor, we offer a solution. Marley Solicitors can offer home visits or online zoom appointments to help you.  Without you ever needing to leave the house! Need a home visit solicitor?  Then look no further.

Why do we offer home visits?

We understand that not everyone is able to make it into our Bamber Bridge Solicitors branch.  This could be for any reason. Including accessibility issues, family, illness, lack of transport, fear of leaving home, or a busy schedule.  Whatever your reason, most issues can be overcome.  We can work differently; either with a visit to your home, or by setting up an online zoom call.

We have always sought to offer the most user-friendly service for our clients.  Be they in Bamber Bridge or further afield.  Often people have been seeking help with their Wills, trusts and probate matters but are unable to call into branch.  We recognise that what really matters to the elderly, infirm, incapacitated, or those supported by care workers is flexibility.  Key to that is a choice in when and where they can have an appointment with a solicitor.

Who may need a home visit solicitor?

We know that many find an office visit impractical and potentially overwhelming, but still require legal help.  So we are here to help overcome those issues.  We also want to offer you advice on what you can expect from a home visit, and how you can prepare for it in order to get the most from your time with the solicitor.

Not everyone is able to visit a solicitor, whether owing to ill mental or physical health, or because it simply isn’t practical to do so.  Perhaps you have other commitments such as looking after children or being a caregiver.  This should not ever be a reason for not getting the legal advice or assistance you need. Or indeed for looking for a short-cut (such as on online Will-writing service, where it’s not what you need).

Marley Solicitors will be happy to visit you whether at home or indeed elsewhere, or come up with a technological method of setting up the appointment, like an online zoom call.

The difference between a zoom call and home visit.

If you’re unable to get to the branch or prefer not to leave home and are relatively au fait with technology and have access to a smartphone, tablet or a computer then a Zoom call could be a great option for you.  Zoom is just a video calling tool which is secure and which allows your Solicitor to connect to you and you can conduct a face-to-face call without actually being in the same room.

If technology isn’t your thing and you are happy for the Solicitor to visit you where you live then a home visit where the solicitor comes to you is another good option.

Getting the most from your solicitor home visit.

We hope that our home visits at times to suit you, will be a welcome service that sets Marley Solicitors apart from the rest. We’re professional, compassionate and ensure that you do not feel anything but comfortable with the process.

The more focused on the matter at hand and comfortable you are in your surroundings, the more likely you are to make the most out of the meeting.  Try and ensure you don’t have too many distractions, if you have small kids check they are entertained, or if you have a carer you might prefer them not to be present during the appointment. But if there is someone you would feel better about being there with you during the process then please do.

Choose a place or room where you feel comfortable.  Also think about the time of day that suits you best and will enable you to be most focussed or alert for the call or visit. Perhaps also a time that doesn’t interfere with meal or medication times.  And plan any concerns or specific questions you have in advance, perhaps making a not of them so you don’t forget to ask.

Arranging a home visit from your Solicitor.

It’s very straightforward to set up a zoom call or a home visit from your solicitor.  Just contact us and we will discuss the options with you and set everything up at a time to suit.  And please be assured that you will be in the safest of hands… for your added assurance, please check out these reviews and comments from previous happy customers