Understanding your home disrepair rights

home disrepair should not happen in a rental property
Many of us were shocked recently by this ITV news report on home disrepair.  They highlighted how poor housing can be costing the already over-stretched NHS up to £1.4bn per year. More shocking still is hearing the devastating stories about people who have been hurt, killed or had their lives changed in this hard-hitting report.  Sadly, we hear it all the time. But in this day and age, absolutely no one should be in a position to be impacted like this by disrepair in the home.
To be clear, this absolutely should not happen. If you live in a rented property and are being adversely impacted by home disrepair, you have rights. Landlords have to carry out repairs within a certain time-scale. That’s ANY landlord whether you rent privately or through a local authority or have a social landlord. Even if you don’t have a tenancy agreement!  For more details, check out our Housing Disrepair information here.
Please don’t suffer alone, or risk ignoring the matter if your rented home is in disrepair, we can help you.
If you’re based in Bamber Bridge, Preston or South Ribble, please get in touch.  There is help out there, and we will discuss your rights and what can be done.