Your landlord tenant issues resolved

Landlord tenant issues can be stressful and complex given that you want to maintain a good relationship to continue living comfortably in your home.  But if you have housing disrepair issues that are being unresolved by your landlord, there is help out there. How landlord tenant issues occur A housing disrepair matter should always be […]

Preston solicitors wills – we can help

If you die without having made a will, you could be leaving behind significant financial problems.  No one wants to leave that legacy for the people you care about. Worryingly, research suggests that more than half of adults don’t have a will. Fortunately, there are low-cost and sometimes even totally free will-writing options out there. […]

Do you have Vibration White Finger?

making a vibration white finger claim

What is Vibration White Finger? Vibration White Finger (VWF) is a long-term condition that typically happens to people who have regularly used certain types of vibrating tools for prolonged periods of time.  These can include things like sanders, grinders, disc cutters, hammer drills, chainsaws, hedge trimmers and power mowers. Continuously performing tasks that expose the […]

Solicitors in Bury for housing disrepair claims

Solicitors in Bury for housing disrepair

Housing disrepair claims don’t have to be difficult.  As a tenant in a rented home, you have rights.  They boil down to this:  If you are in a rented property that’s in disrepair, your landlord is required by law to ensure your home is free from defects.  If you have already approached your landlord to resolve a […]

Looking for Wills and Probate solicitors?

We talk a lot here at Marley Solicitors about the range of wills we can offer.  Including our completely free will writing service as proud members of Cancer Research UK.  But what about probate?  Inextricably linked to wills, and an equally important and yet less talked about service.  And one which can be a difficult […]