Will writing service Preston – guide to Will options

If you need a will writing service Preston, then Marley Solicitors can help.  There are a whole range of different options for wills, it’s a minefield! So here is a simple guide which will hopefully help you understand what it is you need. There are a few different types of will to suit varying situations.  Marley Solicitors can tailor the will to your exact needs.

Will writing service Preston

Everyone needs a will.  If you have no will, then you lose the right to say what happens to your property, assets and even your children after you die.  So you do need to review the options and see what option is best for you.

A Simple Will

A simple will is essentially a basic instruction that lets you outline how you want your estate to be dealt with after your death.  It enables you to choose a person to make sure your will is carried out.  This person is known as an executor.  And also you can make provision for the future care of your children by naming a guardian.

However who writes your will really mattersWith other (non-lawyer) will-writing services, you do NOT have the same safeguards.  For example, with a DIY simple will, essentially you’re on your own. As long as your simple will fulfils all the criteria required to make it a legal document, you’re protected. To ensure that’s the case, you need to have your will made by a solicitor.

Unlike many areas of financial services, will-writing is NOT a regulated market. This means there are a number of different ways to get a will (charities, writing it yourself, financial advisors etc).  But the protections you have if something goes wrong can vary hugely.  It always depends on who writes it.  But because solicitors ARE regulated professionals, when you use them you ARE covered by a range of potentially valuable protections. Even if you use a charity free simple will writing service such as the one Marley Solicitors provide as members of Cancer Research UK .  For your will writing service Preston, just get in touch.

Mirror Wills

A “mirror will” refers to one of two Wills, created for those who are married, in a civil partnership or co-habiting.  You do not have to be married to have a mirror will. This is for where you want both Wills to be similarly drawn up.  They would be virtually identical.  The result is that when one of the two dies, the other is protected.

Essentially by mirroring wills you are protecting each other if one or both should die.  This is also used to protect your children. Whilst partners living together can just as easily have two separate Wills, making a Mirror Will gives reassurance where the absence of a Will could otherwise mean your children or partner would not benefit from your estate, should the worst happen.

Usually, you would appoint your spouse as executor. However, it is recommended to appoint at least one other person on your Mirror Will, in case both of you were to die at the same time.

If you are recently separated or re-married and have a mirror-will with a former partner, you should get in touch in order to get the necessary changes made.

Trust Wills

These are a useful way to offer increased protection for your family. You might want to consider a Trust to your Will if you have a partner, but have children from a previous relationship.  Or. if you want to protect your estate from care fees or to look after the interests of a vulnerable or disabled person after you die.

A Trust Will is a legal arrangement which makes someone responsible for assets or property for the ultimate benefit of someone else. A Trust can be included as part of your Will.

There are many types of Trusts, which can be set up for any number of different reasons. A Trust may be for the financial benefit of the person creating the Trust, a surviving spouse or child, a person with special needs, or a vulnerable person, or for a charitable purpose.

When you set up a Trust, appoint a trustee to look after the assets. This trustee (the person charged with looking after the property) will have legal title to the Trust property.  This means the property will appear to be one of complete ownership and possession. However, the trustee has no right to receive any benefits from the property. The terms of the Trust are decided by the person creating the Trust, who decides on the extent of the trustee’s powers and the rights of the beneficiary.

The law of Trusts is often complicated, and it’s essential to take full advice when considering establishing one. Variations on Trust wills include Discretionary Trust, Property Trust and Flexible Life Interest Trust wills.

Living Wills (Advance Directives)

A living will is not a Will in the usual sense.  Rather, it’s a document expressing your wishes on how you are to be treated in a situation where you are unable to communicate with doctors yourself. A Living Will can give individuals more control over the decisions made at such a time. It can also make your wishes for life-prolonging nutrition, hydration and ventilation known. Plus a statement can be made on your feelings about participation in scientific research.

Their function is to give the medical professionals treating you some guidance as to your wishes regarding life-sustaining medical treatment. It can also help to alleviate pressure or guilt on family members.  As otherwise, they have had to make these terrible and difficult decisions in the absence of a Living Will.

In England and Wales, a person has the right to refuse treatment or care, even if it has the effect of shortening their life. Those giving treatment must respect these decisions.  You may appoint someone to consent or refuse treatment on your behalf in either by way of a Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney or by making a Living Will. The difference between the two is that a Living Will can include decisions you have made yourself on how you would like to be treated.

A Lasting Power of Attorney is also there to protect your own interests while you’re still alive.  This remains in place up to  the point where you die. The moment you die, the power of attorney ceases and your will becomes relevant instead.

For a Will writing service Preston get in touch with Marley Solicitors and we can discuss the best options for you.