Resolving housing disrepair landlord tenant issues

If you live in a rented property and your home is in disrepair, you have rights.  Landlord tenant issues can arise when these matters aren’t addressed, and in cases like this there is support out there.

Housing Disrepair Claims

Your landlord has a legal duty to maintain many aspects of your home and ensure it’s kept in a reasonable condition so you are able to live in it safely and comfortably. If this has not been your experience as a tenant then the first thing you need do is to approach the landlord for their support.  Make a record of when you approach them and what their responses are as you may need to know this later if the matter remains unaddressed.

Then if you suffer as a result of your landlord’s refusal following notice to carry out those repairs, you could be entitled to make a housing disrepair claim. That’s because if the landlord fails to maintain the property or has refused to make repairs when asked, they could be in breach of your tenancy agreement.  That’s when someone like us can step in and ask the court to compel your landlord to make the repairs as well as make a claim for compensation for the duress or burden you have suffered during that time.

Why landlord tenant issues can result in compensation

Issues like this that relate to housing disrepair can result in compensation claims because they can cause you undue stress, inconvenience and sometimes much worse.

Living in substandard or even dangerous conditions can lead to illness, injury and occasionally, very sadly, death.

Kinds of housing disrepair

Landlord tenant issues around housing disrepair can arise in many areas which includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Damage to your personal belongings from leak or damp
  • Respiratory problems caused by leaks and damp
  • Higher heating bills because of draughty windows
  • Injury caused by poorly maintained brickwork
  • Illness or fatalities caused by inadequately serviced boilers leaking carbon monoxide
  • Fires caused by badly maintained white goods

What to do

Keep a note of the approaches you have made to your landlord.  That’s any landlord, private, social or local authority.  And note their responses or refusals.  If your landlord tenant issues remain undressed, then we can help. Marley Solicitors are housing disrepair specialists.  Please get in touch and we can discuss the options further with you.  Don’t suffer alone, there is help out there!