Wills and probate solicitors Preston

When it comes to matters of inheritance, estate planning, and probate, the expertise of a skilled legal professional is invaluable. The essential role of a solicitor in wills and probate matters is crucial.  For wills and probate solicitors Preston or surrounding areas, please consider Marley Solicitors as local experts in this field.

Why you may need a wills and probate solicitors Preston or nearby

Wills and probate solicitors play a crucial role in helping our residents navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding these important matters. One of the primary responsibilities of wills and probate solicitors is assisting people in drafting and reviewing their wills. We ensure that the document accurately reflects the client’s wishes.  Also that it adheres to the legal requirements to make sure it’s enforceable in the event of your passing. With our knowledge of inheritance laws and tax regulations, we can provide advice.  This can help minimise tax liabilities and optimise the distribution of assets.

After the passing of someone, wills and probate solicitors Preston or elsewhere, play a pivotal role in the administration of the estate. We guide the executor through the complex probate process.  This involves validating the will, identifying assets and liabilities.  And importantly ensuring the proper distribution of the estate according to the deceased’s wishes. Solicitors handle the legal paperwork and liaise with relevant authorities.  Often they can provide guidance on any legal challenges that may arise during the process.

Disputes and Contested Wills:

Unfortunately, disputes over wills and inheritance can arise within families, leading to contentious battles. Ensuring your will is written professionally by a solicitor can help to pre-emptively overcome these issues.  By doing this you’re ensuring the right legal measures are in place before your passing.

We can also assist clients with setting up Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). An LPA allows individuals to appoint trusted individuals to make important decisions on their behalf should they become incapacitated. We guide individuals through the process, ensuring that the appropriate legal documentation is prepared, executed, and registered correctly and within the law which isn’t always as easy with home, DIY or non-solicitor written agreements.

The work done by wills and probate solicitors is vital in navigating the legal complexities surrounding wills, probate, and inheritance matters. From drafting and reviewing wills to guiding clients through estate administration, resolving disputes, providing tax advice, and assisting with Lasting Power of Attorney, these legal professionals play a crucial role in protecting the rights and wishes of individuals and families during challenging times. By seeking our expertise, you can find peace of mind, knowing that your affairs are handled competently and in accordance with the law.

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