Easing the worry about claims for accidents at work

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Accidents at work are difficult enough.  Never mind when you consider you may need to make a claim against your employer.  So it’s natural to have concerns. Here are some common worries and important points to consider.  Most important to know though is that speaking to an accident at work specialist solicitor is key.  They can help you know if you have a claim, and ease any concerns you might have.  Most commonly we know people tend to worry about things like:

Fear of retaliation or repercussion:

Some individuals worry about the potential negative consequences or retaliation from their employer if they file a claim. It’s important to know that UK law protects employees from unfair treatment or dismissal as a result of making a legitimate claim. Employers are required to have employers’ liability insurance to cover such claims, and it is the insurance company that typically handles the compensation process.  Therefore any concerns about your employer being hit financially should be eased, this is the reason they have to be insured for instances just like this.

The effect on your job security:

Filing a legitimate accident at work claim should never jeopardise your job security. Employers are legally obligated to maintain a safe working environment, and making a claim is within your rights as an employee. Your employer cannot lawfully terminate your employment or treat you unfairly for exercising these rights.

Worries about the legal process:

The legal process can seem daunting, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. Consulting with a qualified personal injury solicitor experienced in workplace accident claims can provide guidance and support throughout the process. Marley Solicitors have decades of experience in this area.  We can assess the merits of your claim, handle the legal aspects, and advocate on your behalf.  We are here to work on your behalf and navigate the process for you so as to cause you the minimum of stress whilst gaining the maximum award you are due for your injuries.  Don’t forget we are also usually able to work for you on a no-win-no-fee basis, so a great outcome is in our best interests too.

Damaging the employer / employee relationship:

…or relationships with colleagues  We understand that filing a claim may involve your employer and colleagues. It’s essential to remember that the purpose of making a claim is to address any harm caused by the accident. But also to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to prevent similar incidents in the future. This will benefit not just you, but longer term safeguards can protect your employer and colleagues too.  Again, claims are typically handled by insurance companies.  Their focus is on resolving the matter that caused your injury rather than personal disputes.

Damaging your job prospects:

Legitimate claims should not hinder your career prospects. Employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees based on their history of making a claim. However, it’s worth noting that potential employers might request information about any claims made.  But they are not allowed to discriminate against you solely based on that information.


Before proceeding with a claim, it’s important to gather evidence.  Things like accident reports, witness statements, photos and medical records, to support your case. Seeking legal advice early on can help you understand the strength of your claim and guide you through the process so it’s important you secure a specialist Accidents at Work specialist as early as you can in the process.  Get in touch if you’d like to have a chat and see if we can help you.