Had an accident abroad? You can get help.

.We’re heading to the close of our main Summer holiday season in the UK.  So it’s a timely reminder of something we see a lot of at this time of year. It’s a sad but inevitable fact that not everyone will have had a trouble-free holiday.  For the first time since Covid, many UK families are taking advantage of the ability to travel overseas again.  Happily the majority of those holidays are incident-free, but many people can get injured while away.  An accident abroad is not something anyone ever wants to think about, but if you’ve been affected by it, then you need to know where to turn.

Of course these things don’t just happen at holiday time.  With more of us travelling overseas to visit family or on work trips.  But especially when it comes to holidays, if you become injured away from home it can be an incredibly stressful and difficult time. And, therefore, you may be entitled to make a claim.

We are not only personal injury specialists, but can also help you if you’ve had an accident abroad.  Here’s a little more information which could help you:

Is location important?

Accidents abroad can be particularly traumatic, challenging and expensive.  We know how inconvenient it is getting injured whilst on holiday anywhere.  But this is compounded further still in further flung locations, or where language and translation issues can make things more difficult.

It’s down to the law of the country in which the accident occurs that applies in your specific accidents abroad case.  So any ensuing claim for compensation (be it property damage or personal injury) will likely need to be submitted and handled differently than it normally would in your country of residence.

If your accident occurred through a package holiday deal then your claim could be against the travel company back in the UK.  Or even against the tour operator.  But what if the accident occurred because of an activity or at a venue that wasn’t part of your package holiday?  In those cases, the claim would usually be pursued directly against the hotel or venue where the accident occurred. 

Common types of claim.

There can be any number of injuries which can result in you being entitled to compensation.  Reasons for an accident abroad claim can be many and varied. Some of the main ones we hear about are:

  • Trips or slips, or falls due to dangerous balconies
  • Road traffic accidents whilst driving a rental car, motorcycle, minibus or as a pedestrian
  • Accidents as a passenger in a car, coach or taxi
  • Sports accident if the equipment used is at fault
  • Injuries incurred whilst on an arranged excursion

When would you need to claim.

As these claims fall into the personal injury category they typically have a time limit of 3 years from the date of your accident.  But you should be aware that this could vary subject to the laws in that country having different limitation time frames.  So it’s always better to act quickly.  That way the details are readily to hand and your memory of the events and details is fresh and accurate.

So if you have been affected in this way, get in touch as soon as possible and we can explore the details of the case and assess if you will be able to pursue justice for your injuries and claim compensation.